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Hair Love Radio

Jun 20, 2022

We are back with another episode from Hair Love Live! 

Big thanks to Schedulicity for sponsoring this segment.

Nina Tulio shares how it is super important to understand Sales vs. Profit in your business. You can feel like you are making $$$ behind the chair, and then go to look at your bank account, and it does not...

Jun 17, 2022

We're back with another episode from Hair Love Live a few weekends ago.

This time, Cassandra McGlaughlin takes over to share how retail has changed her business and has allowed her to make MORE money without spending MORE time behind the chair!

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Jun 6, 2022

What if we were to tell you that by getting SalonScale, you would be able to tell in real time exactly what your product costs are, and then know how much to charge your clients?

The SalonScale movement is changing the game when it comes to tracking your product costs, and we were so lucky to have the CEO of SalonScale...

May 30, 2022

We are back with another segment from Hair Love Live.

This week's episode is sponsored by Alfaparf and comes from an important workshp Coach Chrystal L. taught on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your salon spaces.

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