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Hair Love Radio

Sep 29, 2018

“When you’ve planted a seed and are watering it every day, you aren’t going to immediately see the results.”

How do you deal with discouragement? In this episode of Hair Love Radio, business coach Danny J chats with Elizabeth on failure’s crucial role toward ultimate success.

“Talk about your failures...

Sep 29, 2018

Discomfort equals growth! In order to move toward things that we want in life, it takes doing things that are uncomfortable. In order to continue to evolve, we must put ourselves in positions that allow us to grow. Elizabeth shares some tips on how to conquer fear on your journey.

Positive self-talk and mantras. You...

Sep 29, 2018

Did you know you can make, create and live whatever life you desire? This episode contains a personal story of how a pre-teen found inspiration and romance with the hair industry at 12 years old. Elizabeth Faye, founder of Hair Love Retreat founder and visionary behind Hair Love Radio, shares her journey leading up to...